Orecchiette Top three Italian brands

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we talk about a typical pasta shape of our land, amazing with traditional meat sauce know as “ragù”, or also with the famous turnip greens, fantastic in any sauce…

Ladies and gentlemen:


Perhaps this presentation will seem exaggerated, but trust me when I tell you that a good dish of orecchiette deserves this and more … TRY TO BELIEVE 😉

In Puglia preparing homemade orecchiette is equivalent to almost a sacred rite to be passed down from mother to daughter, or at least was so until recently, because let’s face it, the rhythms of life are significantly changed and specialized companies in the sector offer great quality in practice packaging … anyway I received my first set for the homemade pasta when I was just 6 years old and consists of a box with a cutter butter, an apron and a small pastry…

Very very embarrassing, I know.

Past and present:

The origins of the orecchiette appear to be attributable just to the city of Bari, during the rule of the Norman-Swabian, between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

The concave shape with the edges more double respect to the center recalls small ears, hence the name “orecchiette”, in reality this form was not designed for the case, but with the precise objective of obtaining a quick drying even in winter months, indeed the medieval Puglia was a place mainly swampy, not exactly the ideal place for drying food, so any viable strategy was to reach the end or have availability of food during the winter.Homemade orecchiette

In the alleys of the oldest district of the city of Bari, called “Bari vecchia”, you can still meet women who produce handmade orecchiette on typical wooden pastry board on the street, with their ancient simplicity give a folklore that envelops you completely, of course all their products are for sale and visitors will not let up the chance to take home the flavors of Puglia.

Our best brands:

We sacrificed for you and we tried three different brands of Italian dry orecchiette easily available on Amazon …

Ok ok, your welcome, it was a very hard work 😛

So, this is our ORECCHIETTE ’S TOP THREE :



Perhaps the brand most commonly used in Italian kitchens and not only, but not the best in this format; does not keep very well cooked, it is best to drain two minutes earlier than the cooking time indicated on the package.

Simply, we were not impressed but if you want to try it read below.



Very good texture, just the cooking time indicated on the package until al dente; orecchiette retain their elasticity, color and taste confirm the good quality of the grain used.  To try it read below.



The best dried orecchiette in trade, in our view, the golden color, rough texture, taste and a perfect seal cooking leave no doubt on the excellent quality of the grain.

Also excellent value for money, certainly deserve the first place !! To try it read below.


Well, this post is toward the end …

What to add? but certainly our advice 😉

Yes, it is normal, you want just orecchiette now…

So, you can dream it or can buy your orecchiette.

And remember to let us know your best orecchiette brand !!Orecchiette al ragù

How to dress orecchiette?

Try it with traditional apulian “ragù”


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“Tiella Barese” discover the origins of this Italian rice recipe

Hello dear friends! Would you like to cook an original Italian rice recipe? A typical recipe from Apulia?

Ingredients Tiella BareseToday in the Homemade Italy’s kitchen exudes scent of Puglia, we hosted an exceptional chef, a true expert in the cuisine of Puglia, the Homemade Italy’s mother, the sweet Mamma Anna, brought his knowledge from Bari to Den Haag to cook the “Tiella potatoes rice and mussels” filling the house with the fragrance of our childhood and using only the Netherlands products to Km nearly zero 😀

I swear, we captured every moment of his magic, you will find the photo book complete with recipe’s description step by step here, but before we want to tell you about this dish that binds us to our land through deep roots …

What is it this strange word?

The “Tiella” is a typical Italian rice recipe, a preparation with potatos rice and mussels.

This dish, is known by the term “Tiella” deriving from the word “Tieèd” that in the dialect of Bari, indicates the typically terracotta baking tin used for cooking the potatos rice and mussels flan;

the origin of the term is attributed to the Spanish domination took place in Italy in the second half of 1500 to the end of 1600.

During Tiella Barese


The “Tiella” born as a simple dish of peasant origin, it was prepared by the women returning from the fields in the evening with a few ingredients (usually vegetable rice and potatoes) and it had the merit of feed with just the many families of that era.

The few ingredients that were available were arranged in layers in the typical clay pans and blankets, cooking was done by immersing the pan directly into the fire burning;

the scents that developed from this cooking method had to be indescribable …

Because the mussels?

With the spread of this recipe to the coast, was the added ingredient of sea more easily available, just the black mussels, the poor and humble of fish products, but rich in terms of protein and taste, then with the great merit to flavor the dish with the taste of the sea, because salt was a very expensive food, and balance a dish rich in carbohydrates with proteins of shellfish; with this preparation the Tiella” has become in effect a single dish.

This development has inevitably marked forever the most famous Italian rice recipe from Puglia tradition that still hides a charm that inspires happiness and family warmth.

Varieties …

As mentioned, the origins of this recipe belong to the poverty of a peasant population that was fed with what they had available …

So every family prepared with vegetables from the kitchen garden depending on the season, this peculiarity has made sure that they were handed down from mother to daughter, different recipes of the same plate; even today, someone adds, the basic recipe with rice potatoes and mussels, zucchini, tomatoes, onion or carrot, the truth is that the “Tiella potatoes rice and mussels” is a family dish, you will hardly find two identical recipes, but every grandmother of Puglia will ensure that her recipe is the best in the world 🙂 so if you ever find yourself in this situation, we should try always …

Results will be one or more grandmothers happy and a culinary orgasm difficult to forget; )

Today like yesterday …

Today as yesterday, the preparation of the “Tiella” is a real magic, a kind of artistic composition to which everyone should attend at least once in your life!

Too bad I can share with you the scent that invaded the house, but all the staff at Homemade Italy has worked hard never to miss a moment of this preparation and following ourBon Appetit Tiella Barese advice we assure you to recreate at home the atmosphere of a real Trullo.

Well, for now we greet you and we are going to taste us the fruits of our work : P

What are you waiting for?

Run to prepare the “Tiella” !!!

For the recipe, photo notes stay tuned and follow Homemade Italy !

Bon appetit 😉


AH in the middle time.. If you want to organize your ingredients first of all I suggest you to buy these rice on Amazon. It’s a typical Italian rice know as “Calderoli” and is the best variety of rice for this Italian rice recipe! 🙂


Good luck by Homemade Italy and write us below if you want !