vegetables in olive oil

Human beings, thanks to their abilities, make the most of the territory to obtain superior quality products. The man and his land: a story of faithful, everlasting love, always lived with strong values; traditions handed on from father to son, simultating the willing to make by hand products with thousand facets expressing the art of every day.

Bakery/Veg. = SHIPPING

Fresh + Bakery/Veg. = PICK UP

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Dinsdag / zondag 10:00 t / m 18:00

Bestelt voor 13:30, pick-up om 18.00 uur.
Na 13:30 bestellen, pick-up de volgende dag.

Wilt u uw Focaccia, Pasta, Panzerotti, etc ..
om 12:00 uur afhalen? Bestel het voor 08:00 of de dag voordien

Handmade in Italy