Crudaiola – Pasta flag

Crudaiola is a typical summer dish of south Italy; known as Pasta Flag in the rest of Italy, the name refers to the colors of ingredients Red White and Green like the Italian flag. Crudaiola is pasta regularly cooked and seasoned with an uncooked mix of cherry tomatoes basil and ricotta salata.   To know every […]

Ragù Bolognese Emilia Romagna sauce

Ragù Bolognese is a famous typical Emilia Romagna sauce, made with minced meat, interpreted in different ways especially for the choice of pasta… This is my personal battle, La Pasta is a really important choice and the perfect combination for Ragù Bolognese are Tagliatelle or Orecchiette, but not Spaghetti PLEASE. No-one  in Italy eat spaghetti with […]

Saffron risotto

Saffron risotto or Risotto alla Milanese

Hello, Today we’ll prepare a traditional Italian dish, known worldwide as “saffron risotto”. Best known in Italy as “risotto alla Milanese” to its roots that sink right in the city of Milan. This recipe is very special to me, because her scent takes me back to childhood, when so carefully watched my mom in her […]

Brown rice salad

Brown rice salad a fresh and healthy recipe

Summer, hot temperatures and what’s better that to eat on the garden? This is a fresh and very tasty brown rice salad with grilled vegetables, just an idea for your picnic full of taste and healthy food. For this recipe it’s not important the right doses but remember for to cook the rice, the amount […]

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