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Giovanna Sante

Giovanna Sante

Co-founder at Homemade Italy, Chef, Blogger, social media manager, digital photographer, Nurse, healthy food consultant
Leonardo Giannini

Leonardo Giannini

Founder and designer at Homemade Italy. Web-designer, social media manager, E-commerce expert, Internet marketer, digital photographer and energy consultant

An entrepreneur who can’t stop his curiosity and desire to create and share.
Lover of Internet, hi-tech and sustainability.
Siete i benvenuti !!
Cià ciao... 😉

Nello Massimo Giannini

Nello Massimo Giannini

Professional photographer


Homemade Italy

Not just spaghetti e mandolino… 🙂

The dream of Homemade Italy is to export the concept of Home and Healthy cooking trying to use local ingredients km 0 !

Below a video 😉

Welcome at Homemade Italy.
Hi guys,
Homemade Italy is a startup based in Netherlands, Kwintsheul (WESTLAND, between Den Haag and Rotterdam) an amazing location between greenhouses, canals and windmills.

Our dream is to export the real Italian tradition with blog and typical Italian products, preferring a sustainable way…

3 simple thinking examples..

– We prefer local ingredients km 0
– We make our boxes with baskets that we choose in flea markets, no tree dies for our packs, and to you remain a convenient basket for reuse!
– We use bikes, so no environmental impact and toned muscles 😉

We are three Italians:

Leonardo an Internet entrepreneur lover of sustainability and supporter of the KM 0 food who created the concept.

Giovanna a nurse passionate about cooking,  promoter of primary prevention who knows the good food and healthy eating.

Nello a photographer with a passion for travel and good food.

What ever they may have in common three figures like them? 🙂 Easily explained, new ideas, creativity and a genuine desire to be part of something new, offering an easier way to order your lunch! We joined forces, our passions and we turned in our work.

We love to think about anyone can have chance to live better in this amazing world !! 


On the top header you can admire an amazing paint of Giuseppe De Nittis called “Colazione in giardino”. He was born in Barletta our hometown. De Nittis was an Italian painter whose work merges the styles of Salon art and Impressionism.

Here some info about him:

Wikipedia English version

Wikipedia Nederland Version

History and tradition


location apulia

Just to know us better….

Here some info about where we come from:

Wikipedia English version

Wikipedia Nederland version

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